101 Doctor Visits

Well… Brian and Kelly are heading back to Texas.

It was fun while it lasted and unfortunately it went super fast. We didn’t get to see them as much as we wanted but at least the moments we had with them were able to be had. They had come in for one of their friends weddings and only got to hang out with us for 2 of the 5 days they were here.

What a cool thing to go experience too, a wedding! You get to see the beginning of two people starting a new journey in their lives. Nothing cooler then actually knowing that a new beginning is happening and to be aware of it at that moment. I mean we all experience moments ever second of everyday. But we never know when something that will change the course of our lives is happening, only on a few select moments in life (graduating, getting married, having a child) do we get to pay attention to that journey’s path opening.

“Ramble, ramble Tom. What’s the whole point of this?”, Well, I guess it would have to be for us to pay attention to more things that are happening in our lives. Notice that at any second we could be making a decision that changes the course of our journey and realize what that could lead too. Being active in the moment might actually lead to smarter decisions.

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