The small things in life really do matter.

I said it before and I really feel like I am experiencing life the way it should be. By recording everyday I am finding things that I overlook on a daily basis. Things like playing with toys and keeping Gavin entertained. I was always playing with toys and helping Gavin play games and learn, but often times it becomes routine. Like driving a vehicle to work on a daily basis, that becomes routine so much to the fact that sometimes you wonder how you even got there.

You see the same thing everyday and do the same thing everyday, it no longer becomes new or important. So you eventually become a robot and go through the motions. By recording these and becoming more active in daily life. I realize that we actually do exciting things that we often overlook.

It makes me a little emotional. I can see how vloggers become addicted to the craft, they aren’t only sharing their lives with you, they are documenting the moments that they will most likely forget. This makes it easier to look back and not worry about missing out on a moment because they are constantly living it.

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