Doctor and the APPLE.

Ugh… Another Doctor visit.

So Kate and I have been visiting the Doctor about our latest pregnancy for the last two months like every week… “But that doesn’t make sense Tom, you only need to do that at the end of the pregnancy”, True, but Kate and I have been having issues with pregnancy.

This would be our fourth pregnancy “But Tom, you only have 1 kid”, also true, but we have had two miscarriages since having Gavin and they have both happened around the 12-14 week marks. So our Dr. has told us to come in every week until further notice. This feels tedious but, at least every time we come in it feels like a tiny milestone when the Dr. says everything is good.

It gives us just another 7 days before we reach the next step. We can’t wait until we reach the top of the stairs and finally have our second Babooski!

Today was also great because we my Brother Brian and his future Wife Kelly came in from Texas!!! We don’t get to see these guys often so this is a big deal, they will be around for the next week so it’s gunna be super fun!!!

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