Fantastic 4, four, FOUR!!!

Awesome… That is what I have to say about what has happened the last two days. I never thought I would be getting so much fulfillment from these vlogs! It isn’t just the fact that we are finally doing it, it has to do with the fact that we are documenting our lives.

By doing this we are creating daily home videos that feature the highlights of that day. It is a constant reminder of what life has to offer and bring us. The coolest thing is that we are able to capture the little moments that are often forgotten about. For instance, Kaitlin constantly makes up new songs and Gavin is constantly saying things that we enjoy, but then they get replaced with new things and then eventually forgotten.

I really think that this entire journey could be one of the greatest accomplishments of our lives. That may sound silly, but life is all about creating memories and being able to reminisce about them. This makes it easier to let the past be the past and to create future memories without having to continue to remember past ones. I can only hope that this gets easier and we can continue it for years… I also need sleep.

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