Well guys, here it is… This is the very first post and vlog! For the past couple years Kate and I have attempted to figure out a way that we can share our daily lives with you. Many, many tries later we finally figured it out and have done it!

Working through those awkward moments and figuring out the perfect way to deliver a good story to you will be a labor of love and fun as heck to try…

Day one is done and what a day to start, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 2015!!!

Today we woke up and hung around the house watched the Puppy Bowl for the first time and learned that not only can squirrels water ski, but hamsters can fly planes! What a crazy thing to see, it never entered my thoughts that I would one day see a tiny animal flying a tiny plane. It may sound silly that I am talking about this, but I guess that is what this is all about, SILLINESS!!!

The world is too serious and this is exactly what we need, tiny animals doing tiny things and millions of people watching it. It’s way better then any of the garbage on the news. Kate and Gavin had a blast watching it and I had a blast watching them. This is exactly how I want my son to grow up, free of cares and caring for others. I think that it is ok for us to have these things, in fact I think that we need these things… It allows us to connect back to our childhood imagination in a way.

Now that I think about it, back to my childhood imagination, I can remember a time where tiny animals were flying tiny machines.

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