Glass Cutters

Family is FUN!!!

How cool was that today, maybe not so much for you… But it was super cool to see Kate hanging out with her family and doing what they do when they craft.

Normally I would hear about them and what fun transpired, but this time I got to see it. I promise that one day I will talk less and less about how cool it is to see what is going on in Kate’s world. But this is still new and you are coming along for the ride, we are all experiencing these things at the same time, for the first time!

The more I think about it, it’s as if you get to see our life through our eyes as well. AHHH… this is crazy and cool, and I am exhausted. P.S. I have not been getting much sleep lately, these Vlogs take many hours to cut and to upload and to tag and to make them pretty for you to enjoy. I really hope that we get this figured out and it becomes a little easier. But, if I want this to be our life and make a living off of it… as the old sang goes, nothing in life comes easy.

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