GoofNut RAVE!

Brian and I broke into a house and took a bed set then Kate got upset at us 😉

It’s super cool having my brother in town again, he’s my best bud and I would do anything for him. It kinda makes me think back to the times when we grew up and I wouldn’t allow him to hang out with me and my friends, because I thought he was “too young” or “uncool”. I regret these decisions.

I think this is why Time Travel intrigues most of us. We all have things we have experienced in our past and wish of some way to avoid or change them for better situations. I would go back in time and explain to my younger self that Brian is always going to be there for me and I for him. All those friends that I thought he wasn’t cool enough to chill with aren’t even going to be relevant by the time it actually matters.

Reflecting on what has been happening after watching the last couple days of vlogs and reading the last couple blogs. I think that doing this might be making me a better person, I am already appreciating the smaller things and really paying more attention to my family and interactions with them.

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