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We heading out for the weekend so we’re packing up.

Gavin is going to hang out with both of Kate and my parents tonight and tomorrow. I think it’s pretty awesome to have parents that are so into helping out watching Gavin… I know, I know, you might be thinking they should. But really they don’t have to. Kate and I are really blessed to have some wonderful folks that want to watch their sweet grandson.

I have friends who have some kids and their folks aren’t that into watching them, but they can’t be blamed. If you think about it, your parents have already raised you and they don’t want to raise any more kids. When you have a child, you give up so much of what made you, you. A kid comes into the picture and that completely changes up the game. It makes you immediately stop thinking about yourself and think about another human being.

So when a parent is finally done raising you, they probably want to get back to that time before they had you and re-find themselves, or what made them “themselves”. Often times, we find that what we thought what made us, us… Was actually that tiny child, so maybe that is why some grandparents really enjoy their grandchildren. They finally feel like themselves again.

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