Orange Spider :O

I love these people, this is FREAKING AWESOME!!!

I can’t believe how much I love my family 😀 Kate and Gavin are truly the best things that have ever happened to me. I can’t believe that I feel like I have missed out on so much, “What do you mean Tom? Don’t you stay at home and watch Gavin?”, I do… but it isn’t really until being able to watch all the footage from the day and cut together a highlight video from it, did I really see how fun and much love I have for them.

Often times in our lives we get distracted with what has happened to us (the past) or with what is going to happen (the future) and we forget to actually live in the now. It’s exactly what happens to everyone, especially nowadays. We are all connected to our cellphones and social media, and we don’t even know that it is making us anti-social.

I am finally, I feel, like I am living in the “now moment”, even though I have a camera in front of me to record what is happening. I am also interacting to the moment too… Kate records footage too and that opens up an entirely new perspective into her daily life, the other side that I was only hearing stories of. I now am able to understand it by watching it.

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