Tom – Snowboarding PRO!


That is all I have to say about today. I haven’t been snowboarding in over 12 years… Nuff Said. We only went on the bunny hills 2wice and that’s all we needed. NOT!!! OMG I should have practiced some more. I felt like, someone threw me into a clothes dryer on tumble dry and then threw that dryer off a mountain, in the middle of an earthquake.

UGH… I hurt soo much. I am pretty sure both of my elbows are broken and my left ribs are cracked as well. No pain, no gain is a very true statement. I gained the knowledge that being able to do something when you are younger, then going on a long hiatus and then coming back to it. Doesn’t make for fun times. Definitely not like riding a bike.

It does however make me want to get back up on a Snowboard next season and slowly learn to ride that white again. The crisp cool air hitting your face as you whip down the side of a mountain could only be compared to a few other things (none of which I have experienced, yet). But I think it would be really cool if we started to make trips like this a thing and maybe introduce Gavin to it at a young age 😀

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